Barefoot Bowls

Come and Enjoy Some Barefoot Bowls!

Have you always wanted to try your hand at lawn bowls? Victoria Point Bowls and Recreation Club offers you the perfect chance. Come by yourself, with others or in a group! Games can be played any time rinks are available.

Suitable play days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. Just ask our staff and they will let you know if rinks are available. Plus, don’t worry about bringing your own bowl – bowls of all sizes are available at the bar.

Cost is just $6 per person, which includes greens fees and equipment needed!

We have a BBQ available for use if you want to have a sausage sizzle.

With large numbers a special price can be negotiated.

Bare Foot Bowls can be incorporated with our Caterer Cyril to provide any needs you might have